Daily Bread

Holding fast to our Christian roots, we often place faith in Our Father to provide us with Daily Bread. Sometimes on a busy and broke day, that means taking our sustenance at a Dinner Club with our fellow sufferers.

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Bible Studies & Meetings

When traditional Medical Care fails, where do we turn? Spiritual solutions may actually be more relevant today than ever before. We are dealing with circumstances much like the crusades of the Middle Ages in some respects and a more open minded approach may serve us well when injured by extremes of opinion.

Please see: Meetings

Local Agencies

We arrive at a faith that works by all sorts of means, not the least of which is legal advocacy, and/or well meaning people and institutions. Here is a list of local agencies (often funded by the government rather than at a cost to you) that may be helpful.

Please see: Local Agencies

Additional Resources


Nothing will ensure your happiness as much as what you choose to eat!

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Most of us believe our happiness depends upon finding the right partner.

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Self Examination

When we run out of options, Self-Examination proves to be most useful.

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What to Expect

This isn't everybody's idea of a good time, but it's a life saver!

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