IMID Ltd Subsidiaries

IMID Medical Sector IT

IMID Medical Sector IT

Starting with Alternative Medicine as a practical solution for adaptations required of us in this environment, we proceed with the suggestion of a potential investor to follow through with a Medical Sector IT project for IMID.

People Teaching Spiritual Survival Skills

PTSSS (Conflict Resolution)

Once we become recognized for our work, there may be some who would call us out for the repayment of debts, or repair of old wounds. While blackmail and extortion are forbidden, illegal debts are real nevertheless and this site addresses problems like these thoroughly.

MEP Publications

MEP Publications (Documentation)

Sometimes Courts, professionals and institutions are involved in the management of Identity as well. This site covers much of the resulting conflict during this century, and names the people, organizations, and institutions inspiring reform and correction by way of publication from all over the world.