Special Treatments for Trauma

A physical problem can't be changed by thoughts about it, so talk therapy is not likely to do much good. The mind cannot

  • connect to a muscle memory or a trigger point that is cut off by amnesia,
  • reach tissue living in a toxic environment not responding to innervation,
  • command a muscle or tissue to respond without nutrients or fuel, such as a blood supply,
  • address the inflammation of body that results from toxic anger.
We need an alternative form of treatment that can only be provided by a physical practice and treatment setting designed to address these issues. Please see Treatment Plans, and/or Epigenesis.

Rewriting the genetics of damaged tissues by application of heat, warmth and loving energy as provided by a trained bodyworker can help heal the ongoing stresses that result from injury. Muscle memory plays an important role in the ability of a person to move freely without effort, and the ability to perform complex tasks without thinking.

While talk therapy remains a viable form of treatment, it may only serve to identify the need for bodywork, a practice that may prevent further degeneration of sympathetic and autonomic nervous system response by traditional use of medications. Dependency on guidance and direction, or medications such as found in psychological treatment settings are irrelevant to the injury, and are not effective in treating the damage that results from the trauma, but may be useful to work on a persistent grievance.


BodyworkIf the purpose of the medications is to remove the ability to feel the injury, we may re-injure the damaged tissues. Without an awareness of the problem we're dealing with, we cannot adapt to the changes that have occurred!

The autonomic and sympathetic nervous systems, the operation of the heart and lungs, breathing and many other functions are not normally under conscious control. Correcting the failure of these organs and tissues is beyond the central nervous system and needs to be done by treating the problem directly, not by retraining the mind. The mind can actually get in the way.

Because many of us get into conflict while sorting out trauma, be it sexual or otherwise, expecting to get this kind of attention from people in the community at large is unlikely. We may find ourselves completely banished by efforts to get something done about trauma. Expect to pay for treatment tending to these concerns. The opinions held by those in conflict may result in the denial of services elsewhere, making bodywork the only option for healing touch. Without the healing energy of touch therapy, we will not recover from trauma. Please see: Bill of Rights

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Time saver

Cooperating with Law Enforcement proved to be helpful in the long run. Please see: Pleading.


Managed Health Care isn't necessary with these spiritual practices at: Fundamentals.

Natural Products

Carefully chosen flora and fauna are always nurturing, and they sustain us. Please see: Apothecary


Preparing for a relationship has never been easier! Get ready to Relate well!


What I really want isn't on the menu. Can I Make my own Plan?

Basic Human Needs

What I really need, is loving kindness, and healing touch! (Bodywork)


Are you prepared to make things right? Do you know what to do about an injury? Please see: Self Advocacy.

Cutting Edge Biotechnology

Are you prepared to be the master of your own fate? Please see: Transpositions.

Bill of Rights

Difficulty with access or treatment - have you considered your alternatives? Please see: Bill of Rights

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