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Tingling, current or electricity; seemingly the perfect replacement for the brutality of the scalpel and barbarism of any kind - including blunt trauma was introduced by Rudolph Hess to Cats - perhaps to provide additional rest for the fate of 9 lives that we may have conferred upon them and Dr. Marg, from Cal Berkeley, used the vivisection of monkeys to determine how they mapped the world with their visual cortex,

When I arrived to study his work, animal rights activists erupted on Telegraph Avenue, so the study I began with at my University seemed to end with the conclusion: “If monkeys can see there are others around, why can’t you?”

Tingles vs Tickles

Tesla did similar things, though less intrusive than probing the living brain of a live chimpanzee, by exposing himself to magnetic fields resulting from toroidal current for example.

And by working with Bradly Eidelman on the control of computers by intention at the Biotech Department, and the boimechanical arm developed there, I believed we had a permanent replacement to translate content into web ready material when I went to work on the repair of the damage that’s been done, but the new ARM Chip manufacturers may have put an end to our arrogance (imagine trying to stop a mechanical arm from carrying out the intention of an angry person).

The Nurse who tingled my scalp when I showed up at a small town Hospital didn’t know that I had been choked by my stepdad for laughing when he tried to tingle my neck as a child. He was tickling me, not tingling my neck, and it hurt a lot to choke on my laugh!

And I may have lost my cool when my mother failed to admit to our history with the Calypso Singer, but by pointing to my own investigations, she could use my shame to cover up the entalglment of her sexual expressions while raising us when we were children.

What began as tingling ended up becoming a way to silence and perhaps even blame us for thier behavior. I admit, I focused my work on the one limitation that nearly always denies creative endeavor, lack of funds; which will continue to return to the scope of others who's behavior denies their opportunities as well, but I'm working on a novel approach, one that we're all becomming familiar with.

I’ve appealed to ASMR Latte (and others) on YouTube, who’s treatments have helped me considerably by reporting this problem to her and mentioning that the problem with obtaining our funding might have been due to too little to latte.

And stepfather may have been trying to prevent my investigation of the injuries we discovered because it had some kind of impact on him. But my failure to address Davy’s injury necessarily resulted in overcompensation for my failure to do something about his own injury.

Little did she know what her tingling fingers would do to the starving brain underneath by that point in time.

To be denied the tingling we sought in tingle parties while drawing on each other’s backs, rubbing temples, etc. left me needy, and the trauma from the poorly executed alternative was extreme - I couldn’t breathe when I was forced to laugh at all.


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