Real Estate Upprisal

Drafting Identity

Wet-wire hacks with beakersOur genetics are cleaned up removing adaptations made throughout life when preparing for our partners to provide what we were originally given to our children. Some of us believe that is a failure of our biology - that we should actually pass on the adaptations we've been given in life. So today, through Epigenesis, we hope to preserve some of the lessons we've learned for our children, and pass them on through the Internet.

Digital City manifested by usTranspositions work with the original score, or genetic blueprint we were given. We interact with technology by teaching it to use our senses. Our interfaces are symbolic of ourselves, and still intelligible to machines, but sometime during the last few years a symbiosis with the extensions they've become has made ambiguous the separation from ourselves. (At times, we can't determine which is which.)

Coming Full Circle


To those unfamiliar with Web Development, working on Bio-Technology, or Epigenesis may seem like a departure from the discipline we've developed, but for those who've followed all along you will realize that it's a natural evolution of our technology to refocus our attention on the effects of visualizations to implement a better biology. That modern medicine is working to achieve web delivery of its products and services does not surprise us - what does, is that Artificial Intelligence may be replacing the role of physician much more effectively than we thought.

Chief among these concerns include the regulation of AI, and addressing what may seem like unfair practices based upon corporate marketing's efforts to replace bad customers with better ones. Many believe we will need a new economy prioritizing the health of our people, rather than the physician standing between our technology and our health, but the safety and privacy of web based health care delivery depends upon our ability to represent ourselves with integrity, and so much misinformation is published by people dealing with hacks, and duress, that its not surprising to become a victim of the misinformation of health care practitioners either.

Ongoing Services

  • Faithfully Fulfill Contracts

    We will continue to faithfully fulfill the expectations of our clients doing everything our clients intends and nothing they do not, unless abrogated by an act of God or agreement.

  • Web Development

    We apply our skills to represent every profession and entity we contract with (including the Internet) without passion or prejudice, and endeavor to write all the words and revelations.

  • Subsidiary Support

    Because we've developed the recovery tools we were taught, and documented our results, we provide examples to share what we can expect when we do what we've been told.

  • Open Exchange of Ideas

    And, because we enjoy peace, liberty and the freedom to compose, we share our adaptations, ideas for public policy, and survival strategies that we have used successfully.