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Returning now to address the problem of identity from within, and what some might term self-determination, what do we need to do that hasn't already been done by modern medicine, or spiritual solutions?

"Physician, heal thyself!"

Are there less invasive alternatives to the radical and sometimes toxic remedies we use today? Is there even valid reason for doing so? Do you know that you have the right to write your own Treatment Plan? And what about:

Wouldn't these be better solutions than the toxic chemicals and radical procedures we live with today? Perhaps, the best way to begin is to detoxify from unhealthy substances,  but our goal is to be free from toxic environments entirely! By harmonious symbiosis with creation itself, and our primary sources of energy, we can all live healthy lives without conflict.

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Apothecary Scope
Herbal Remedies: Flora & Fauna
Traditional Bodywork: Healing Energy
Old-school Reprogramming: Epigenesis

Populations Served

Hopeless Conditions
Those without Health Care
DIY Health Care Practitioners

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