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Throughout history, the truth has been written and disseminated by authorities and authoritative texts to educate and enlighten the masses. For the first time in human history, we are all publishing in one way or another, and finding our own voice. The truth, now a chorus of voices has become much more valid, accurate, reliable, and accessible as more diverse people begin to use it.

However, while you establish your own point of view, you may not hear the music, see the play, or hear the poet that is reaching out as you do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion - even as you frame your own.

And, what we put 'here', is inescapable 'out there'. When we confront it 'out there' in the form of microwave radiation, it interacts with us as a quantum wave. We're bombarded by its flow at the speed of light. It blasts through the classical mechanic universe of walls and windows creating a boundary-less environment. The stage of life is therefor directed by everyone involved in our architecture and what we tend to everyday!

So, it might be better to fail the suitability of our own designs than to keep evaluating our work, but if what we do has integrity, then the draft we leave behind will be a logical and rational development of the sequence we're continuing to develop, and the remaining transpositions another opportunity to be finished. That it never is, is not a problem! If we are on the path, there is less to do every day.

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