The door is open, the way is clear

The Endless Flowing River

Safe Delivery of Every Packet

When we began, we had no idea how dangerous our work would become! Today, I find that:

  • We confess the sins of our captors!
  • Our prayers are spoken by others (unintentionally).
  • And our environment seems to determine our behavior.

Sound Containers

This vehicle may be our only way to resolve the contradictions in our lives and gain reliability and validity. It's already proven to be better to appeal what some consider to be our inevitable death sentence.

  • If this new location doesn't work, we might find that we're not trusted with our content.

  • Sometimes, proof of the obstructions we live with aren't welcome, so we appeal those who are.

  • Those who die as a result of doubt or suspicions do so because no one believes what they say.

  • And those moved to 'safer locations' sometimes do so in order to prove what they say is true.

We die due to a lack of faith that results when witnesses aren't welcome, or testimony becomes corrupted, and proof is denied.