Nicht offnen ! Lebensgefahr Vakuum 'Nicht offnen ! Lebensgefahr Vakuum' Image from: Das unsichtbare Visier (1975)
One hour, 7 minutes and 10 seconds into the episode.

Regarding Interior Design

Case Scenario One

My Doctor, who I now know by proximity, was nudging me the other day with the expectation that I get out of the way because I was standing in front of the dishwasher and the silverware rack had been taken out. I keep my silverware rack on top of the dishwasher instead of inside, where it is normally found, because there's no silverware drawer in my new kitchen.

And, because not everything was in its appointed place, and we had an inspection scheduled for the very next day, it must have seemed to be a matter of great importance to him for me to put the silverware rack back into the dishwasher where it belonged.

Virtual Visualization Two

Someone, who was perhaps concerned about how he looked, asked to use my goggles when I was a child, so I enquired of Beta what Ganglia (Basal Ganglia) concluded about Photon's influence upon it. And Beta (Beta Carotene), reflecting on the uncertainty of it's position, called for a meeting between Cis and Trans to get their story straight.

And Ganglia, whilst determining the position of Beta, encountered a neural network feed to find that Trans was using Test (testosterone)! So an enquiry has been initiated to review how the positions are determined under its influence.

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