The Trusteeship IMID  Bodywork

IMID's Initiative to Improve Access to Medical Innovation

    • CEO

      Paul Hesla


      Founder of IMID Ltd, and The Trusteeship IMID

    • Genetic Engineering

      Genetic Engineering

      Cut to the chase, work directly on the problem at its source and work with us to obtain constructive solutions.

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    • Treatment Planning

      Xiang Cui

      European Consultant

      Client, Agent, and Angel of IMID

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    • Latest Technology

      We've come to realize that a system that has been tested and failed is worse than a system that has not been tested. Why? Because we believe in what we're doing: Faith works.

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    • Creativity at its Best

      Most of us have yet to actually put our ideas into practice, or to try out a new design. With archetype development online, you can try out your ideas before you wet wire the plan.

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    • Reverse Engineering

      Nature is hard to compete with, so if you're not confident of modern medical technology, please see our Apothecary for natural healing remedies we've cultivated for thousands of years.

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