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Seemingly in a dream, I met you here!

When script is cast in our light, new understandings reach my mind. Teach me your medicine! Teach me to dance!


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Let's build a bridge for those to come.

Services and support for a safe journey to our destination - without the hazards we've already encountered.


About IMID Ltd

Lawlessness and Confrontation

While we've been challenged by lawlessness, the Internet has been a useful resource for self defense. With the help of the Internet, Dictatorships and Totalitarianism have been defeated with a reach that influences the whole world.

The irony of this huge victory is that the only binding requirements for participation are Contracts or Agreements with providers, and Compliance with W3C Publishing Standards. There are other services which have not faired so well. Email, which was used to build the Internet is failing in many ways as a result of the powerful use of preferences, and Social Networks bound by rules of engagement are encountering the rule of law.

Nevertheless, for the cost of a Raspberry Pi, and a few months of trial and error, anyone can join the fun, and singlehandedly take on the world. I'm only here to help you learn to do what we've already done, and to warn you of a few of the pitfalls we've encountered along the way.

Examples of Sabotage 


  • Republish your own work

    While IMID has copyrights of its own, we are well prepared to republish your works by creating a website for you, or your product.

  • Is it okay to tell the truth?

    The truth works because we rely upon what we know, not what we think we know, or what others tell us. Only you know your truth, don't be afraid to use it!

  • Work on a Community Crisis

    When we find our food sources compromised by drugs, violence and selfishness, how can we be helpful?

  • What if we're offended?

    Is the Internet a safe place to take our problems? Can we expect to get help online, and if so, how do we proceed?

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